Sunday, 30 October 2011


I applied for free loft insulation and cavity wall insulation under the goverment backed scheme. Had the survey and we were eligible. That was back in July and at long last they are coming on Tuesday to do the work.

So this Saturday afternoon we went to clear the loft. Didn't think this would take long as we keep very little up there, just suitcases and boxes with Christmas decorations. O/H takes a light to check that all is clear - air turns blue, in the dark regions of the far end of the loft were old rolls of carpet, sacking with straw, wood etc. old nowspapers dated back to the 1950's. Everthing was filthy and falling apart. By the time we had finished we were filthy dirty and the hall was covered in bits everywhere. Luckily have only stripped the hall ready for decorating so no carpets etc. to worry about.

Looking forward now to the difference it will make to the warm of the house. Being an end of terrace we have a long outside wall which gets no sun so should make a difference.

Will be having slow cooker roast pork and bread and butter pudding for dinner. The smell of the pork is driving our little old adopted cat nuts!!!!

best wishes to all
wannabi frugal

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