Friday, 28 October 2011

Keeping warm without the heating on

This is always hard for me as I do feel the cold. In the good old days when gas was cheap ( can just about remember...), flick the switch and on it went without a thought. Today, very different, almost scared to put it on as the prices have risen so fast. We are quite lucky here in the south east as it has been quite mild but i am dreading it when it gets colder. Now it is layers of clothes and blankets over the legs in the evening.
I had a great bargain at out local bootfair on sunday. Spotted this quilted bedspread poking out of a bag. Asked the price and was delighted to be offered it  for £1.50p. The lady had even had it cleaned. Very warm and a lovely teal colour.

This is on top of the duvet and my very old hand quilted spread which my mum gave me years ago.

The quilt is a soft cream colour and hand quilted. I know some will think that I shouldn't use it as it is so old but that is what is was made for and I do treat it kindly. So when we are snuggled under all this we stay warm and toastie.

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