Sunday, 20 November 2011


We ventured out for a shopping trip yesterday. Yes, we went the frugal route. first stop was a small table fair where i found this little beauty for the massive sum of 20p!!!!! So sweet and i think is from the 1950's, all complete with candles, glass baubles and bells. Reminded me that  i have 2 brass reindeer put away that i bought at the local bootfair in the summer. Just got to remember where i tucked them away.

I also went mad and bought these beads etc., all at 20p a piece.

and this little touch of vintage glamour

A pure silk hand rolled edge scarf for £1. Signed in the corner "Thirkell of Old Bond Street". Lovely colour and design. Can't wait to wear it. I buy very few clothes but pretty scarves and beads can change the look of an outfit for very little.

After this we parked the car just outside of the town centre and walked in. Saved £2.20p on car parking!!!  A little wander around but all we bought was 3 items in Poundland -

Can of WD - 40. car sponges and a stocking filler book for a 9 year old, at that age they enjoy all those gross out things. And we managed to get 2 boxes of the half price PG Tips teabags in Morrison's.

Then it was back home for a welcome cup of coffee. I felt very virtuous as i managed to stay out of all the clothes shops and didn't feel tempted or that i was missing out.

Well off to hang out the towels in the brilliant sunshine we have today (long may it last). Bye for now.

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