Friday, 30 December 2011


I love handbags and they are my little weakness. Although I have loads i just can't resist. I had to make a promise to myself not to spend on any NEW bags but I  still find a bargain from time to time either at boot fairs or charity shops. I bought this little 1960's evening bag in a charity shop today for £1.
This summmer there were so many handbags at the local bootfair that I was spoilt for choice. I did stay strong and only bought at a maximum price of £1, in really good condition, vintage and if I was sure I would use it.
I tend to stick to quite simple clothes, (as I am only 5' tall and a size 10) and ring the changes with bold jewellery and bags. It is sometimes an item that I have found for pennies that attracts the most attention.
Tomorrow i will go through my list of things to do in 2012, if i write them here it will help keep on plan.
bye bye for today wannabe frugal

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