Monday, 2 January 2012


With  clothes becoming ever more expensive it pays to look after the items we already have. A lot of people are having a "no spend year" for clothes  and I am not sure I can go the whole year without buying anything but I am trying not to fritter money on impluse buys that often end up in the cupboard unworn and wondering why I bought it in the first place.
A couple of years ago i bought one of these at an open air market for a couple of pounds -

Battery powered (solar rechargable batteries of course) it removes bobbles on knitwear and other items. works best on woollen and mixed fibres. And has helped to keep jumpers etc looking good when otherwise I would have not worn them anymore.
So this afternoon I got out all the knitwear, scarves and a couple of coats and checked them over, de-bobbling where needed. I also checked buttons and looked for seams that needed any attention. Shoes and handbags have had a good polish and I sorted some of my costume jewellery into this recycled chocolate box.

The box just seemed to good to throw in the recycling so I removed the label and have used it to house small bits of jewellery. The clear lid means I can see what is inside and it is small enough to fit in a dressing table drawer.
Still a lot to organize but it was a good start for me anyway!!!!
See you all tomorrow
best wishes wannabe frugal

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