Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Well I tackled  my nightmare cupboard today. first emptied the cupboard out and there was bits everywhere, had to wonder how it had all fitted in!! Next I washed all the baskets  and I had rounded up some unused boxes from around the house.

While these were drying I began sorting out and getting rid of the rubbish (and there was too much) and putting items back where they belonged but not in this cupboard. I used the lidded box to hold spare items that are not needed very often and put a list on top to save opening everytime. Because I binned so much rubbish I only needed to use this box and one smaller one.
Anyway here is the finished result -

I could have done more if I was going to spend money but the idea was to re-organize with a zero spend which I have succeeded in doing. It's amazing how many useless items I had accumulated which "might come in useful one day" and of course have never used. Just like clothes I think I need to go with the adage that if I havn't used it within 6 monthes  then I never will.
Well off to get dinner ready, chicken and mushroom pesto  and I think I deserve it!!
Bye for now Wannabe Frugal

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