Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well here we are in 2012 and quite handy that it starts on a Sunday. I have been through the fridge, freezer etc to see what I still have to be used before putting my menu for this week together. I don't do it in day order so it can be moved around to suit.And of course if any bargains turn up then items from the freezer can stay there and be used at a later day. So here goes -

Cheeseburgers, chips, sweetcorn and tomatoes

Ham and mushroom carbonara (ham left over from Christmas)

Smoked salmon and prawn salad (small amount of each)

Quiche and salad (reduced quiche bought before Christmas)

Chilli in a jacket potato and onion and plain yoghurt (batch cooking)

Fish fingers chips and peas (O/H loves fish fingers)

Chicken stir-fry with noodles (stir-fry sauce free with token)

Any puddings we have are just yoghurt or fruit
or as at the moment the odd mince pies and bits that are left over

One or two items look expensive but they are left over from christmas, such as the smoked salmon and prawns not a lot of each but together will make a good salad, nice and light. Breakfasts are usually toast and lunches soup or a sandwich with banana.

Very little to buy, just milk, vegetables, bananas and cat food so well within budget and using up all the left overs.
See you all again tomorrow wannabe frugal

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