Monday, 9 January 2012


This year I am determined to have a major declutter and get my home sorted out once and for all.
We had the loft insulated this winter and everything in there had to be taken out. That turned into a very mucky job as in the depths we found stuff left by previous owners. You hear stories of people finding treasures but in our case it was just dirty broken junk. Some of it must have taken a lot of effort to get up there so why was it just not thrown out with the rubbish. Anyway it is now clear and I don't like keeping things in the loft except maybe Christmas decorations that only come out once an year.
I have started in the kitchen and most of the units were not too bad to clear and organize but the photo above is of my understairs cupboard which has become a dumping ground. It is supposed to be for cleaning items and hoover, ironing board etc. As you can see it has become my nightmare and i am about to tackle it tomorrow which is why I am posting now. I will take photos as I go. Am off upstairs now to look out any unused storage boxes and baskets. I don't want to spend anything on this project and I am sure I have items that are around and can be put to better use.
See you all soon wannabe frugal

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