Saturday, 14 January 2012


Woke up to a heavy frost that was still lingering at 10.30am so dug out the thermal vest (very glam). We have been very lucky with the weather this winter, which has meant we haven't had to use the heating as much. Still I was pleased to see we had used  less than half the amount of gas in 2011 than in 2010 even with that terrible price hike. British gas have announced a 5% drop in the price of their electric but not the gas. WHY NOT???? Wholesale prices have dropped but yet again they have another excuse for not lowering the price.
Decided to do some batch cooking and unusual for me a bit of home baking. I can cook quite well but have never done much baking. Made a large batch of spag bol, usually the amount of mince makes 4 x 2 person meals but I added extra veg and stretched it to 5 meals which look and smell just as good. I made it using the last jar of the aldi pasta sauce which was reduced to just 18p it then went back up to 25p and now is 28p, still good value  but how prices keep rising.

I had a couple of bananas and a few dates left over ( the dates were a little dry and not nice enough to eat on their own) so I decided to make banana and date muffins. Used an easy banana muffin recipe I found on , stoned and chopped up the dates and stirred in. I have tried one since I took the photo and it was really moist and tasty. They freeze well so that's handy.Also had a little bit of puff pastry that needed using so cut out in circles and added a little jam, folded over and had little bite sized jam puffs.

Off to have a cup of tea and put my feet up for half an hour, well it is Saturday.
Bye for now Wannabe frugal

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  1. Hello there, thought it was time for you to write another blog describing your cooking expertise. Missing you, regards.